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About - Image Block - What Adeptia does

About - Image Block - What Adeptia does

What Adeptia does

Adeptia provides integration solutions to rapidly onboard customers and suppliers into multi-enterprise business data ecosystems. Mid- and large-sized firms around the globe use Adeptia’s B2B Integration (B2Bi) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) to securely enable their partners to automate, self-serve, onboard, and manage digital business integration, resulting in delighted customers, enhanced productivity, and faster revenue.

Instead of seeing customers struggle for 8 to 18 weeks while onboarding data from new partners, Adeptia speeds onboarding time by up to 80%, from months to minutes. Our goal is to make our customers easy to do business with by empowering their business users to onboard data while making IT more productive in a  governance role.

Adeptia enables companies to stay ahead of the curve and digitally transform themselves by enabling them to automate business processes, onboard data faster, improve NPS scores with better integration of customer data, and deliver a better customer experience without requiring heavy IT skills.

About - Image Block - Different

About - Image Block - Different

How Adeptia is Different

Like many experts in integration, Adeptia is covered by leading analyst reports, including Gartner and Forrester, and is consistently recognized for leading technology and market vision in concert with the biggest names in the integration space.

The difference between Adeptia and other integration software teams is that Adeptia’s data integration software does not depend on heavy IT labor to deliver 80% faster customer data onboarding. Adeptia takes the concept of citizen integration and enables your business users to make seamless business data connections while IT takes up a governance role. IT does not need to spend time coding connections and can focus on more strategic tasks.

Couple that with the ability to handle all kinds of integration scenarios with our any-to-any integration backbone, and you have the powerful Adeptia system that enables your business users to handle all sorts of integration challenges. B2B, EAI, ETL, DI, you name it, and the Adeptia platform can do it but without heavy IT labor to make it come true.

Ultimately, Adeptia helps enterprises become more agile and responsive to digital transformation by taking the load off their IT and enabling citizen integrators to speed up customer and supplier data onboarding.

Testimonial - Grenzebach

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    Adeptia is a compelling product that allowed us to have an automated process for collecting and processing our customer data based on pre-defined set of business rules in an easy to use approach. It helps us deliver more value to more customers with existing resources.
    – Brian Chapman, President of Philanthropic Services, Grenzebach Glier & Associates

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