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Accelerate Onboarding B2B Data Integration Process

Fast-Forward Revenues

On average, it takes an enterprise service provider 8 to 18 weeks to onboard new customers' data. That means they are waiting 8 to 18 weeks before they can deliver services or earn revenues from new accounts. Adeptia's B2B integration solution enables enterprises to accelerate customer data onboarding from months to a matter of minutes.

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Be Easier To Do Business With

Did you know that 23% of SaaS churn is due to poor onboarding? Waiting for IT to custom code support for company-to-company integrations is not scalable or sustainable. Start those customer relationships off right by empowering your business users to perform B2B integration operations and make onboarding easy, fast, and secure.

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Reduce Operating Costs

Reduce B2B Data Integration Operating Cost

Reduce B2B Operating Costs

Doing business efficiently with customers is not just about speaking EDI or other data formats, or even getting all the data mapping right. It’s about automating all of the processes involved — human workflows, exception and error handling, data validation and routing, last-mile integration into backend systems. Don’t deploy a half-baked solution...find a data integration platform that can orchestrate EVERY step of the B2B integration process.

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EBook: Self-Service Integration for Business Users

Adeptia delivers leading-edge self-service integration capabilities that enable your business users to manage and monetize complex B2B networks. Business users can leverage Adeptia engine for configuring B2B connectivity via an easy-to-use dashboard and pre-built industry-specific accelerators. 
Read this EBook to know how Adeptia data integration solution can help you become easier to do business with, deliver a delightful customer experience, and accelerate time to revenue. 


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B2B integration is a driving force for sustainable business development and growth. It allows enterprises leverage their existing processes, technology, information, and people in order to stay ahead...
Digital transformation has brought a seismic shift in the way enterprises develop and integrate applications. Previously, business ecosystems would first place in a request for a particular tool...
Continuing our Employee Profile Series, today we welcome Mayank Singhal, a vibrant employee of Adeptia who has made a significant contribution in taking the firm’s QA division to new heights. With...

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    The Adeptia Integration Suite and Adeptia Connect work hand-in-glove to improve efficiency, productivity, and business results.
    - Leading National Mortgage Lender
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    The Adeptia Integration Suite can effortlessly handle hundreds of thousands of transactions or more every day.
    - Leading Commercial Bank in US
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    In all of my years this is the fastest turn around I have ever seen. Congrats to you guys and keep up the good work.
    - Joan Cecil, Vrain Tax Credit
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    By using the Adeptia solution, Meadowbrook was able to enhance customer satisfaction, improve cash flow, and reduce costs of repetitive manual human processes. For example, Meadowbrook reduced lag time in viewing the insurance claims loss information from 2+ months to 2 days.
    – Chris Spring, Senior V.P. Business Operations & CIO, Meadowbrook Insurance Group
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    We found Adeptia Integration technology as a best fit for our strategy of centrally managing all our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) interfaces within one solution. Adeptia solution is attractively priced, is easy to manage and provides outstanding value.
    – Peyman Aleagha, President, RealtySoft
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    Adeptia is one of the few single platform complete integration vendors whose focus and offerings remain focused on integration.
    -Peter Mueller, Business Analytics Global Program Manager, LONZA PharmaBiotech
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    We evaluated other possibilities, but there was no comparison between Adeptia and any of the other solutions. For the type of work we need to do, Adeptia has proven to be a perfect fit.
    – Bernal Schooley, Director of Application Development, LaSalle Solutions
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    Utilizing Adeptia’s technology, the Tensoft On Demand Integration delivers seamless data flow, making it easy to move data between Tensoft and internal financial, CRM, along with Partners and Customers relevant business systems. As technology partners, Tensoft and Adeptia are both committed to making integration a smooth and efficient process for the business user.
    – William White, CTO, Tensoft
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    We were thrilled that Adeptia’s solution allowed us to move our business to the next level.
    – Dana DeSantis, Marketing Communications Manager, Playaway
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    Powered by Adeptia, our On-Demand Integration solution truly achieves the ability to integrate from anywhere to anywhere, pulling data from a customer site or receiving incoming data. We link small and large data transfers across the globe into a unified solution. With Adeptia, integration across applications in the cloud — as a true off-the-shelf service — has been realized.
    – Bob Scarborough, CEO, Tensoft

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