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“Intelligent” Mapping with AI

Supercharge the creation of data maps with AI for faster data transformations and onboarding.

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AI Mapping

How Does AIMap work?

AI Map works by utilizing existing data maps in your library. It learns mapping patterns between existing data fields using machine learning algorithms and trains a neural network to suggest future data mappings. To understand how AI data mapping works, think of 3 distinct steps:

Step 1: Training

  • Data Maps are put in the AIMap Library. These data map objects in Adeptia have been tested in a business environment and are confirmed to contain validated and correct data transformation rules.
  • AIMap uses these data maps in its library to train the neural net and learn from these mapping rules.

Step 2: Suggesting

  • AIMap is triggered by a user creating a new data map.
  • AIMap scans the source and destination schemas and uses its algorithms and neural net to find mapping rules for each target field. Upon finding most appropriate rules, it ranks them in the order of decreasing probability.
  • It then selects the suggestions with the highest probabilities and displays them by High, Medium, Low confidence levels.

Step 3: Reviewing

  • User views the suggestions and is guided by the confidence levels predicted by AIMap.
  • Accept/Reject options in the review process allows user to work through the suggestions sequentially.
  • User can load and run a data file to see actual results of the mappings and correct them.

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Adeptia Connect - AIMap Key Features

AIMap Adeptia

What Are the Key Features of AIMap?

  • Classifies mapping suggestions into High, Medium and Low confidence
  • High and Medium confidence suggestions include complex rules, such as Math, String or Conditional functions
  • Low confidence suggestions show one-to-one maps from source to target fields
  • Provides a review and accept/reject options for mapping suggestions
  • Works with complex, hierarchical data structures, not just flat formats
  • Works with all data formats including Text, CSV, Fixed Length, Database tables, XML, EDI X12, JSON etc.
  • Designed for high-performance so suggestions for even large schemas can be made in seconds.

Adeptia Connect - AIMap - Real world use cases

Real world use cases

What Are Real World Use Cases for AIMap?

A large manufacturing company had to create 1300 data maps of different source order types for processing automatically by the Adeptia AI data mapping mechanism. Although there were 1300 different source formats, the destination format was always the same normalized schema that had about 60 data fields. After the manufacturing company had created the first 25-30 data maps and put them in the AIMap library, the subsequent data maps were created very quickly and efficiently. AIMap was able to learn from those initial data maps and then suggest intelligent data mapping rules for subsequent mappings. This significantly reduced the effort required for developing and testing the 1300 maps by a factor of 10. In addition, Artificial intelligence data mapping predicted failures and allowed planned interventions to cut down downtime and operating costs while improving company’s production yield. So, integrating AI and ML into business enables users to map data fields from a source file to their related target field – without effort or breaking the bank.

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Leverage AIMap for Your Business

How to Leverage AIMap for Your Business?

Adeptia’s powerful business intelligence mapping solution significantly reduces manual mapping effort and accelerates deployment timeframes. Using Adeptia’s industry-leading machine learning-powered data transformation technology, you can build a reusable blueprint that leverages the intelligence of each data map for subsequent data integrations, leading to smaller and smaller incremental investments as the number of data connections increases.

By minimizing deployment time, you can:

  • Generate quicker return on investments (ROI)
  • Enable faster time-to-market
  • Reduce initial project costs

By reusing previous data maps, you can:

  • Enable less-technical business users to create reliable data integration connections
  • Enable collaborative design between IT, business users, and trading partners
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs
  • Mitigate technology risks

Testimonial - TEC Services

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    The bottom line is that Adeptia enabled us to successfully bring a new service offering to the marketplace, generating millions in revenue for our clients, and rapidly grow our business.
    – Tom Sweat, President, TEC Services Group

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