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Adeptia Connect™
Cloud-based, web application
Primarily for business users
Configure connections in minutes
Front-end to connect with other companies
Directory of shared connections
Direct A to B connections
Simple data mapping conversions
Simple application integration
Adeptia Integration Suite
Dedicated install per customer
Primarily for IT Staff
Deploy in cloud or on-premises
Rich functionality to handle more complicated scenarios
Can build solutions in days & weeks
Orchestration & custom plug-ins
Complex Data Mapping & Validation
Human workflow & exception handling
Hybrid Solution
Provides end-to-end solution
Business users work with other companies to onboard data
IT validates, post processes and integrates with internal apps
Facilitates more involved processes such as:
Round-trip flows & process automation
Validations & data lookups
Human decisions & exception handling
Merging with multiple apps & acknowledgements

Product Overview Page - Adeptia Connect

Product Overview Page - Adeptia Connect

Adeptia Connect

Built for anyone who can use a spreadsheet, Adeptia Connect enables self-service integration for business users. With Adeptia Connect, business users can create a connection with trading partners — customers and suppliers — and begin exchanging data within minutes. By making integration dirt-simple and freeing IT from performing one-off B2B integration workarounds, Adeptia enables faster on-ramps to revenue and shorter times to market. 

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Product Overview Page - Adeptia Integration Suite

Product Overview Page - Adeptia Integration Suite

Adeptia Integration Suite

The powerful Adeptia Integration Suite provides a code-free, easy-to-use interface for IT staff and business analysts. With Adeptia, you don’t need to buy one tool for your data integrations, another for your process management, and yet another to manage your ETL data. Adeptia Integration Suite offers full integration functionality:

  • Data Integration (ETL)From mapping data sources to transforming ETL and archiving critical business data, the suite handles all aspects of your data migration, storage, and transformation with ease. 
  • Application Integration (ESB)Adeptia connects virtually any application to another, allowing you to unleash the power of your business data. Whether you’re looking to connect CRM programs like Salesforce and Netsuite, storage programs like Dropbox and Box, enterprise programs like SAP Business Objects, or proprietary programs, Adeptia can help you do it intuitively and quickly.
  • Business-to-Business Integration (B2Bi): Adeptia allows your business to connect and exchange data with your customers, partners, and suppliers to more quickly onboard them, process orders, and ultimately, generate revenue.

To learn more about how Adeptia compares to other solutions in the market, view the Application Integration Vendors Comparison and the ETL Tools Comparison.

Testimonial - EPM Music

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    Adeptia has proved to be a robust and versatile solution that we continue to integrate with different aspects of our business. Pricing was an important aspect of this investment and Adeptia exceeded our expectations in both performance and value for money.
    – Sander van Loosbroek, CTO, EPM

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