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Adeptia Integration Suite (AIS)

The Adeptia Integration Suite (AIS) is the most versatile and comprehensive integration software platform on the market. A bold claim, but we can back it up. Since 2000, we’ve worked with hundreds of customers to address their meatiest integration and connectivity needs. We’re confident that our many years of integration experience have given us unparalleled insight into the features and capabilities today’s enterprises need to meet their B2B integration challenges.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our enterprise-class software platform has garnered recognition from industry analysts and proven itself at hundreds of companies to automate every step in their B2B integration processes.

Integration Suite - Benefits of AIS (NEW)

Integration Suite - Benefits of AIS (NEW)

The Adeptia Integration Suite does more than just simplify your many complex integration initiatives.

AIS also eliminates the need for multiple integration vendors and applications, maximizes your investment, and ensures your organization is prepared for the future. With Adeptia’s holistic approach, you pay for only the integration functionality you need, while being able to easily scale up as your needs evolve. Got complex workflows? Bring them on! The more complex your integration needs, the more we shine.

Benefits of AIS

AIS is not a developer tool, but a true business solution. Our goal is to upend the traditional paradigm of integration software, namely, that it is a developer tool for IT teams to use. We want AIS to be recognized as a business application for exchanging business data, a key part of running a business. Our customers have reaped many benefits from our solution, including:

  • Generating revenue faster: Send invoices sooner! You’ll be able to complete projects more quickly with less expensive resources, and collaborate with people located anywhere in the world. 
  • Maximizing your IT resources: With no coding necessary, creating and executing solutions are a breeze. Plus, user-friendly interfaces allow business users to access their data without dependence on IT, enabling CIOs to redeploy IT staff towards higher strategic business priorities. 
  • Lowering your total cost of ownership (TCO): The Adeptia Integration Suite is not only affordable, it is also so simple to use that you will be able to handle all your data migration and transformation needs on your own, without having to call in professional consulting help. 
  • Reducing ongoing operational costs: By optimizing your entire IT environment – streamlining processes, automating routine tasks, empowering users, etc. – you will realize valuable operational efficiencies. 

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How Does AIS Do It? By Engaging A Broad Set of Users.

AIS is the only integration software platform that was designed for people besides IT developers. We also had business users and B2B/EDI specialists in mind when we created our software. With the speed of business increasing tremendously in the last few years, there is zero possibility that IT staff can keep up with all of the business’ needs to create various data connections to customers, partners, and suppliers quickly. Developer-only approaches lead to bottlenecks and long wait times for business users. And suffering for everyone. 

The only solution to this conundrum is for IT to enable self-service, on-demand integration by business users. That way, business users can take over simple integration operations, under IT’s governance and control. AIS offers a web-based user interface with user management and role-based security to accommodate 3 kinds of users:


Business Users

Create simple app-to-app connections (cloud applications, on-premises applications, or databases, in any combination) by following a template or wizard pre-configured by IT. Does not require deep technical knowledge.


B2B and EDI specialists

Configure partner profiles and inbound/outbound relationships for both EDI and non-EDI messages. Easily manage hundreds or thousands of trading partners.


IT Developers

Create process-centric integrations and complex connectivity solutions for the business. Govern integration operations by business users and B2B/EDI specialists.

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B2B Integration
  • Inbuilt EDI, HL7 standards
  • EDI to XML & EDI to DB translation
  • Secure Communications and MFT
  • Trading Partner Management
  • Monitoring and Message Tracking

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Application Integration
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • API and SOA Services Enablement
  • SaaS and Cloud integration
  • Centrally manage all integrations
  • Better Error-Handling with human workflow
  • Process-centric, SOA-based approach
  • Completely Web-Based Interface

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Data Integration
  • Data Mapping and Transformation
  • Data Conversion and Migration
  • Convert Data Into XML and Databases
  • Process Data in Different Formats
  • Populate Data-Marts and Data-Warehouses

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Integration Suite - Flexible Deployment Options

Integration Suite - Flexible Deployment Options

Flexible Deployment Options

For maximum flexibility, the Adeptia Integration Suite can be deployed either on-premises at your location or deployed in the cloud and managed by Adeptia:

Cloud Deployment
  • Adeptia uses dedicated hosted servers at Amazon EC2 cloud, managed by Adeptia.
  • SLAs provided by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).
  • A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) option is available to allow direct connection with internal applications, databases, and systems.
  • Ideal for customers who don’t want IT staff burdened with buying hardware and deploying and managing another application.
  • Adeptia is responsible for setting up the deployment infrastructure, installing the AIS software, and providing ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the server.
On-Premises Deployment
  • AIS is installed at your site or in your data center.
  • Ideal for customers who want full control, or have high-volume and high-security requirements.
  • Ideal for customers who require tighter integration capabilities with internal applications.
  • Your IT staff is responsible for acquiring the hardware, installing the Adeptia software, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

Please note that in both cases, you would create and implement your own integration solutions and data flows that meet your business requirements. Adeptia provides training, support, and implementation services to facilitate these efforts.

Flexible Pricing Options

Adeptia offers two ways for clients to purchase Adeptia Integration Suite: 

Software-as-a-Service License
Quarterly or annual subscription fee for license
Customer may decide to cancel license at any time
Annual technical support is charged separately
Operational expense, not a capital expense
Benefits: Lower upfront cost, risk reduction, move capex into opex
Perpetual License
One-time license fee due at the time of purchase
Annual technical support is charged separately
Capital expense, not an ongoing operational expense, depreciable over time
For information about actual perpetual pricing structure, please contact us
Benefits: No ongoing cost for license, reduces costs over time

Integration Suite - Why Choose Adeptia

Integration Suite - Why Choose Adeptia

Why Choose The Adeptia Integration Suite?

  1. Self-service integration for business users: AIS contains user interfaces for both business users and developers in the same product. Business users can create simple app-to-app connections themselves whenever they need them, freeing developers to create complex integrations while ensuring proper governance over business user activities. 
  2. A business application, not a developer tool: State-of-the-art technology that utilizes a completely web-based user interface with a central object repository. Enables central management of all integrations.
  3. Not just integration…automation. We’ve merged integration with Business Process Management, allowing integration-centric business processes to be fully automated. A better integration solution is not just to move data from application A to application B, but to also automate the business steps around how that data is utilized within business operations.
  4. Human interaction with data flows: AIS doesn’t just support system-to-system data flows. AIS has the unique capability to support human-to-system flows. The ability to support asynchronous human interactions with the processing of data is a hard-to-match capability that requires support for long-running transactions and auto recovery.  
  5. Meta-driven, not code-driven: State-of-the-art, meta-driven approach to creating and deploying process flows provides all the benefits of SOA-based approaches (abstraction, inheritance, and more). Empowers execution of dynamic process flows and activities based upon the content and context of the process data. Enables easy deployment of process flow and rule changes. 
  6. All-in-one: One platform for all integration scenarios (B2B integration, Application/ESB integration, Data/ETL integration, Cloud integration and Business Process Management). No need for retraining, re-learning, and management of multiple different technologies, significantly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). 
  7. Hybrid integration: AIS combines with Adeptia Connect to offer the most powerful hybrid end-to-end integration solution in the market. Adeptia Connect enhances AIS by providing the unique ability to extend internal integrations outside of your enterprise by publishing shared connections that approved trading partners can use to directly connect their applications to yours.

To learn more about how Adeptia compares to other solutions in the market, view the Application Integration Vendors Comparison and the Data Integration (ETL Tools) Vendors Comparison.

Testimonial - Audiofy

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    We found Adeptia Business Process Management and Integration technology a best fit to optimize work flow processes within a single solution. Adeptia gave us greater flexibility to manage our sales, CRM records, and empowered us to better leverage NetSuite within the framework of our internal processes. Adeptia is remarkably easy to manage — outstanding value and service.
    – Daniel Wagaman, President, Audiofy

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