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Quickly Connect with Trading Partners 

Revolutionize your trading partner ecosystems by onboarding
their data faster from months to minutes 

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Adeptia’s Onboarding Approach

How Does Adeptia’s Onboarding Approach Empowers Business Users & Makes IT More Productive?

Adeptia Connect gives more control and self-service capability to business users for creating connections on-demand with low-code approach for customer data onboarding. This allows business users to run and manage their business more efficiently where they can quickly add new customers and change suppliers and vendors without high switching costs of long, expensive development cycles to create new interfaces.

Adeptia Connect delivers overarching benefits of business process integration. It helps the Information Technology (IT) staff to become much more productive and efficient by offloading operational work to non-technical business users. We know that IT teams are already quite busy since they have been asked to do more with fewer resources. Adeptia Connect frees up highly capable developers and programmers to do higher value and more technically challenging tasks, such as providing a “walled-garden” for the business users to do the day-to-day work of creating and managing approved connections.

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Save Money

How Does It Bolster Organizational Flexiblity and Agility? 

The nature of business has changed and it is imperative for companies to be nimble so they can quickly go after new market opportunities, new customers and new supplier relationships. Companies that can move fast are successful and can grow rapidly. Businesses that are shackled by the traditional developer-centric approach to creating data connections will not be able to act fast and so the opportunities will pass them by.

A customer data onboarding solution such as Adeptia Connect makes it easy for companies in your network to do business with you. Setting up data exchange interfaces with dozens, hundreds or thousands of other companies is not simple or easy, especially because it relies on developers and programmers. Organizations sometimes resort to placing the burden on external entities, rather than their own staff, to build these connections by insisting on a standard format and data protocol to exchange information. This is not very customer friendly.

With Adeptia Connect this issue is mitigated to a large extent because this application provides an easy, simple and consistent way to create these connections in an IT-managed environment. It can help organizations connect with their trading partners faster and completely transform the way they do business. 

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