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Adeptia Connect - Video Block - JSON to V2

Multidimensional JSON to Canonical Format Conversion in Few Minutes and Clicks

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file conversion is a highly common conversion need during customer data onboarding. Adeptia provides powerful, simple, and automated controls to support JSON data transformation in easiest way. It enables business users to extract, normalize, and convert multi-dimensional JSON data into Canonical Format or any other comprehensive format. JSON layout can be successfully remapped to Canonical Format or any other file format without any data skew issues.

In this video, we will show you how Adeptia enables Business users to handle EPOCH Date formatting in and dental tiers formatting needs for specific use cases like:

  • "EE" to 1
  • "EE+SP"  to 2
  • "EE+CH" to 3
  • "FAM" to 4, etc.

Watch this Video to know about our JSON to Canonical Format or JSON to Excel capabilities. 

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Large File to V2

Breakdown Silos, Rapidly Connect Large & Nested Files to Canonical Format

Data conversion need not be cumbersome, time taking, and tedious anymore. Adeptia enables business users to handle large amount of structured & unstructured files and convert them in a comprehensive format.

In this use case, we will map a transaction which has the data of over 10,000 employees including several numeric values, rows columns, and anomalies with another excel file. We will show you how to:

  • Split Plan/Class information from one column into 2
  • Handle incorrect data anomalies (1% of file)
  • Enable passthrough for anomalies with special characters. 


Adeptia Connect - Video Block - 834 Files to V2

Merge EDI 834 Customer data

In this video, we will show you how to merge multiple EDI 834 files into a single office format. In this example, we will use two separate 834 roaming files -- Dental & Vision. Using Adeptia Platform we will merge them into a single record.

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - One File to Two V2

Splitting One File into Two

In this video, We will use Adeptia’s interface to split one file into different outputs. As a part of the exercise, will take the example of a policy data file and split it into two separate files:

  • 1 file with demographic info + Life Policy info
  • 1 file with demographic info + LTD Policy Info

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - If/Else

Defining If/Else Condition in a Mapping

Data mapping elements in an input/ output message assembly can be defined with If/ Else (as a specific or derived type) conditions with Adeptia’s Enterprise Class Solution. In this video, we will define If/Else conditions to control the data mapping flow between elements. As an example, we will use salary based If/Else conditions. Here are some things that will be covered in the video:

  • Remap a file from a random layout to standard Canonical Format Layout
  • Employees with the salary of 50k - will be given the values of:
    • 1 for LI Plan
    • 1 for LI Class
    • 50000 for LI CVG
  • Employees with the salary of 1-49,999 will be given the values of:  
    • 2 for LI Plan
    • 2 for LI Class
    • 25000 for LI CVG

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Random Layout to V2

Random Data File to Common Output Data Onboarding Use Case

In this video, we will show you how to pick up a random data file and map it to an output format. We will pick up an Excel file from source and map it to standard Canonical Format Layout. This use case is applicable to scenarios where a Plan code needs to be replicated into Class Code Field:

  • Value 1 in Plan Code should pass 1 in Class Code
  • Value 2 in Plan Code should pass a 2 in Class Code

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - XML to V2

XML to Canonical Format Conversion, Automatically in Minutes

Many business systems use Extensible Markup Language (XML) to store data and share it via Internet or corporate networks. It is wide-spread standard, but difficulties arise while converting XML into other formats for data interchange.

In this video, we will show you how to Map Extended Markup Language (XML) format into a common format. As a part of this use case, a Random XML Layout will be successfully remapped to Canonical Format and its information will be used to fill columns. Here are some of the other things which will be covered:

  • Add in Salary Code of A for all employees
  • Remove/ adjust timestamp data, i.e., 2017-10-01(T00:00:00) into 10/1/2017
  • Enable Passsthrough for names with special character, i.e.,"Geslog!Ì"

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