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Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Navigating

Navigating Adeptia Connect as a Business User

Adeptia offers business user capability to build fast, flexible and future-proof integrations. Business users can leverage its platform for quickly engineering & executing production-ready integration flows and monetizing complex B2B ecosystems.

Begin with this interactive tutorial, know how to use its interface for addressing strategic integration needs for faster deployment, lower operational cost, and improved time to value.

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Navigating IT user

Navigating Adeptia Connect as an IT User

Adeptia offers IT user capability to integrate data with record systems and databases. IT users can configure templates to help business users onboard customers faster and manage user roles as well as applications effectively. IT users can also create orchestrations to integrate data with record-keeping systems\databases and route data based on business rules.

Go through this interactive tutorial to use Adeptia Connect as an interface to integrate, onboard, and manage data better as well as improve customer experience to drive IT productivity & revenue.

Adeptia Connect - Large File - Other Common Use Case Tutorials

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