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Business Application for B2B and Ecosystem Integration

Recognized by Gartner and Forrester and utilized by dozens of Fortune 500 clients for enabling Digital Transformation

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Adeptia Connect - Makes You Easier To Do Business With

Adeptia Connect - Makes You Easier To Do Business With

Integrated Enterprises: Makes You Easier To Do Business With

Adeptia Connect provides a simple user interface (a front-end) to manage all external connections and data interfaces for your company. It provides self-service partner on boarding and no-code approach that enables business users from your company and your partners to view, setup and manage data connections with each other.

Adeptia Connect provides prebuilt connections which enable business users to be more flexible and quickly add new customers and partners without waiting for IT teams to create connections with these external organizations. This enterprise application integration capability allows business teams to go after new markets and customers more aggressively and grow revenue more quickly.

Adeptia Connect, an integrated enterprise solution, can be very useful for companies that provide data-driven services, especially in an integrated cloud environment, such as payroll and benefits providers, marketing services firms that integrate data from multiple sources, third-party administrators and claims services providers in insurance industry, billing and collections providers in financial and healthcare industry and even distributors in the manufacturing and retail industry.

It accelerates services delivery by onboarding their customer data quickly, thus helping these businesses to provide services earlier to their customers and accelerate their revenue. Similarly, Adeptia Connect helps companies in many industries to be more agile by making it easier for their customers and partners to make data connections.

The enterprise integration software automates 90% of onboarding tasks and reduces partner onboarding time by 70% for faster service delivery.

Adeptia Connect - Managed by IT Staff V2

Adeptia Connect - Managed by IT Staff V2

Managed By IT Staff

With a central platform that lets IT govern and business users handle operational load, Adeptia Connect helps IT be more productive and focus on critical, high value tasks. IT publishes pre-built templates that can be used by business users while IT retains security and governance control.

IT has the ultimate responsibility for data security and integrity and they can execute that over a fully governed enterprise integration platform, eliminating Shadow IT simultaneously.

With Adeptia Connect, IT’s role moves from day-to-day operational tasks of data connectivity to a governance-focused model. Business users take over the operational role and they do so on a platform that is managed by IT.  

As a result, with the help of our enterprise integration solution, operational costs are lowered by 80% and profit margins are increased by up to 20% with better IT resource utilization.

Adeptia Connect - Enterprise Class iPaas Platform

Adeptia Connect - Enterprise Class iPaas Platform

Enterprise Class Integration Platform

Adeptia Connect is a full-featured, enterprise-class integration platform that is driven by an analyst approved, industry proven integration backbone. The enterprise class platform provides comprehensive B2B standards and protocol support to securely connect with any trading partner regardless of size, geography, and technical sophistication.

Adeptia Connect links with all backend systems, enterprise apps, and cloud apps. It is a very reliable, stable and secure platform that includes a number of features that are very important for Information Technology (I.T.) staff to support governance, compliance, security, control and manageability.

Our enterprise integration architecture provides comprehensive Cloud Services Integration (CSI) functionality for integration of software as a service (SaaS) applications, with each other and with on-premises systems as well as cloud application platform scenarios. It can be deployed on cloud or on-premise.

Testimonial - TEC Services

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    The bottom line is that Adeptia enabled us to successfully bring a new service offering to the marketplace, generating millions in revenue for our clients, and rapidly grow our business.
    – Tom Sweat, President, TEC Services Group

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