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Confronting The B2B Data Disconnect

You have an array of partners and, with them, an array of B2B connectivity protocols: FTP, email, web services, databases, APIs, and more. With so many ways to connect, B2B data connectivity should be easy…but it is often anything but that. Instead, custom coding is demanded to make connections seamless and reliable.

But custom coding is expensive and time-consuming, requiring the skills of developers and engineers. As a result, burden on IT increases by leaps and bounds. Surely, there has to be a better way of harnessing today’s numerous connection protocols — without getting bogged down in complex custom code.

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B2B Data Connectivity Solutions

B2B Data Exchange At Your Fingertips

Adeptia delivers a better way to exchange business-to-business data through Adeptia Connect. Through a simple user interface, your business users (even non-technical ones) can easily view, setup, and manage connections between your company and your partners. This business data exchange may be of multiple types — to receive or send data in files, to receive or send data in transactional records, APIs, or by filling out simple forms. 

With Adeptia, no custom coding is required for B2B data exchange: drag-and-drop tools enable business users to quickly add new partners without waiting for IT teams to create connections with these external organizations but with IT oversight and control. So, our data exchange solution not only speeds up onboarding but increases productivity by enabling IT focus on more other important tasks that can lead to growth and innovation.

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Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Data Connectivity - Content 3

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Data Connectivity - Content 3

One-to-Many Approach For B2B Data Exchange

The typical way to exchange data with other companies is to create specific point-to-point data connections with them. So, if you have 500 customers and partners with whom you need to exchange data files, you would create at least 500 individual connections. Such volume and complexity is a nightmare to implement and manage.

Adeptia Connect provides a much more elegant solution for B2B data exchange with a one-to-many approach. By using pre-defined connection templates, hundreds of partners can connect via one shared connection. So, instead of managing hundreds of individual point-to-point data connections, you just need to manage a few shared connections. This dramatically simplifies and reduces the effort needed to create, manage, and add connections, making the process much simpler, faster, and secure. 

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Data Connectivity - Content 4

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Data Connectivity - Content 4

The Competitive Advantage Of B2B Data Exchange

  • Accelerate services delivery by onboarding their customer data faster by up to 80%
  • Make it easier for customers and partners to orchestrate partner data exchange
  • Establish a secure, end-to-end encrypted environment for all data that is transferred and exchanged between companies 
  • Fast-forward revenue generation with radically simpler and faster customer onboarding
  • Give more control and self-service capability to business users to create connections on demand without having to wait for IT staff, thus increasing overall productivity
  • Shift your IT staff to more strategic projects
  • Increase your business agility to go after new market opportunities, new customers, and new supplier relationships. 
  • Reduce the work and cost associated with ongoing maintenance of data exchange with other companies

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Data Connectivity - Content 5

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Data Connectivity - Content 5

B2B Data Connectivity in Any Format Using Any Protocol

Adeptia Connect provides support for all commonly used data formats, including:

  • Text
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Fixed Length
  • XML
  • Databases
  • JSON
  • HL7
  • EDI
  • DTCC
  • ACH
  • BAI
  • PIDX

A rich set of commonly-used data protocols is supported, such as:

  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • HTTP
  • Email
  • SOAP
  • REST Web Services
  • AS2
  • and more

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