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Automate Integration Between Salesforce and On-Premise Applications 

Salesforce is the world’s premier customer relationship management (CRM) system. But, even so, it can’t do everything. With information siloed in Salesforce, you may be hindered getting your data into your backend applications to automate business processes, particularly where interfacing with Salesforce is only one of the many tasks involved in the overall process. Likewise, human workflow tasks may be difficult to integrate and automate in your process flows. 

Data control and possession is another issue, since there is no automated replication capability within Salesforce. If you want to enhance security by creating an archive copy of your Salesforce data, you need an alternative method of doing so.

Fortunately, there is now a way to integrate, automate, replicate — and more — so that you can truly maximize your investment in Salesforce. 

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Solutions - Salesforce - Content 2

Build a Salesforce Data Bridge 

Adeptia makes it simple to efficiently and reliably move data into and out of Salesforce through the Adeptia's Salesforce API Integration Accelerator, improving your access to critical business information and making you easier to do business with. It’s a bridge between the hosted Salesforce CRM application and your organization's on-premise systems such as your website, ERP, accounting, inventory, order management, data warehouse, and more.

Automate integration between Salesforce and existing applications

With Adeptia's Hybrid Option, you can set up real-time or batch integration flows between Salesforce and back-end systems. These “deploy-and-forget” flows run automatically in the background to share information, requiring no manual intervention except to handle exceptions or errors. Because the integration flows can be bi-directional, data can move in both directions into and out of Salesforce. Adeptia’s Salesforce integration solution also provides reports and dashboards to help you make smarter decisions.

Gain control while automating business processes involving Salesforce

Easily automate complete business processes where interfacing with Salesforce integration is just one of the tasks involved in the overall process. You can even add human workflow tasks to the overall process — which works especially well when correcting errors and handling exceptions and decisions requiring human intervention.

Automatically replicate your Salesforce data

Adeptia enables you to automatically copy and save the information in your Salesforce database behind your firewall from where it can be easily backed-up and recovered. This archived backup enhances security and lets you meet regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

Easily conduct one-time data migrations to and from Salesforce

New Salesforce customers typically need to migrate existing customer data into the system. Adeptia’s wide range of application and format support makes mapping and transforming data painless.

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Solutions - Salesforce - Content 3

Why Choose Adeptia For Salesforce API Integration?

  • Code-free setup: With a graphical, point-and-click approach to creating and deploying Salesforce integration flow, no custom coding is required.
  • Quick deployment: Adeptia Accelerator includes pre-built flows, templates, and connectors. 
  • Process-centric approach: The SOA-based structure allows full automation of business processes involving 
  • No hardware or appliances: Adeptia requires only a quick software download and install on any computer.
  • Salesforce expertise: Adeptia leverages the Salesforce API for this solution
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model: With an operational expense (opex) model, your initial investment and risk is minimal.
  • For self-service integration by business users, we offer the Salesforce integration connector in Adeptia Connect.

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Testimonial - DeKlok

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    The implementation of Adeptia fits perfectly in our business strategy because it enables us to differentiate ourselves from the competition in terms of quality and flexibility. The automation of manual order entry process with Adeptia has resulted in direct cost savings and quality improvement of the process.
    – Cyril Driessen, CEO, DeKlok Logistics

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