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Overcoming The Challenges

As a payroll and benefits services provider, your revenues are directly impacted by how quickly you can onboard your customers’ employee data after the sale and how smoothly you can intake employee payroll and benefits data on an ongoing basis. What confounds most of our payroll and benefits service provider customers is the following: 

  • They do business with many small businesses, including Mom & Pops
  • Small businesses go out of business every year, creating a great deal churn
  • They need to replace 15 to 20% of their customer base each year just to stay flat

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Dealing With Complexity

If you’re replacing 15 to 20% of your customer base every year with new customers, chances are, you’re creating a monumental challenge for your IT department, as they are the ones who usually do the customer data onboarding. And since small businesses vary greatly in their technical sophistication, in the applications they use (if any) to keep track of employee and payroll data, and in their preferred data transfer methods (some can upload a file to you via secure FTP, others will want to fax or call you with data), your IT department likely has to set up as many individual processes for data onboarding as you have customers.


How To Defeat The Big Bad Wolf Of Customer Data Onboarding

Customer onboarding is a big bad wolf for many reasons. Building and managing connections to a customer takes anywhere from 8 to 18 weeks. Multiply that by hundreds of customers, and you create a ton of complexity for your IT department. Not to mention that IT is usually under-staffed and overloaded, and can become a bottleneck to the business to get these connections established. In this video, learn how Adeptia helps companies speed up the onboarding process by automating B2B connections and get to revenue in minutes, not months.

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Solutions-PayrollServices-Content 3

The Adeptia Solution

Payroll services providers need help in 3 areas:

  • Faster onboarding — we have seen some customers take 8 to even 18 weeks per customer. Yes, you may earn some small setup fee per customer, but you lose a great deal more in terms of customer perceptions of how easy you are to do business with.
  • Automated processes — you need an easy, efficient, and automated way to receive data from your customers at the outset of your relationship AND on an ongoing basis in order to provide reliable payroll and benefits servicing. That means no matter how data comes in, it needs to be converted, transformed, and integrated into your back-end systems in order to transact upon it.
  • Greater reliance on operations users, less dependence on IT — technical resources are relatively expensive, so you want to maximize their time. Provide your IT department the means to create a platform simple enough for business users to use, while IT maintains governance and control over onboarding and customer data integration

With Adeptia Connect, your IT resources can set up shared connections, providing business users a “template” for a seamless way to intake data from new customers. In turn, business users will be able to take over the onboarding process themselves, using our dirt-simple interface to accept customer connection requests.

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Key Features

Explore the unique features of Adeptia Connect with short demo videos that describe the powerhouse behind the vision of helping companies automate their B2B integration needs.

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Learn about the direct benefits of using Adeptia Connect to today's organizations so that IT can efficiently stay ahead of the speed of business and help move the organization's revenue forward.

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Application Connectors

Adeptia Connect™ is an enterprise level SaaS application, enabling self-service integration for the lines of business. Check out a few of our available connectors for yourself.

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Testimonial - Grenzebach

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    Adeptia is a compelling product that allowed us to have an automated process for collecting and processing our customer data based on pre-defined set of business rules in an easy to use approach. It helps us deliver more value to more customers with existing resources.
    – Brian Chapman, President of Philanthropic Services, Grenzebach Glier & Associates

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