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Speeding Up Order To Cash Is A Necessity In Today’s Business Environment

Shortening the time between the sale and the actual collection of revenue is an imperative for all businesses. Yet for many businesses, the length of time between receiving a purchase order and sending an invoice — frequently called “Order to Cash” — is all too often anything but quick or efficient. In fact, it’s a swampy morass.

Where does the Order to Cash (O2C) process get bogged down? If you are like many of our customers, it’s in the customer data onboarding. Chances are, in order to provide goods and services to your customers, you need to first take-in customer data and integrate it into your backend systems so you can transact upon it.

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Onboarding Customers Is Challenging

A payroll service provider needs to receive employee payroll and benefits information from their customers. An insurance provider needs to receive enrollments accurately. A retailer needs to receive shipping notices from suppliers. 

But because of 4 factors, it can take companies like these up to 18 weeks to onboard a new customer’s data:

  1. Customer base diversity: customers are large and small, high-tech and low-tech. Not every customer will have an IT department, or if they do, their capabilities can vary greatly. 
  2. Diversity of data formats: customers’ data don’t reside in the same applications and in the same formats. 
  3. Diversity of data transfer methods: customers can send data to you in a variety of ways: web services, secure FTP server, email, fax, or even a phone call.
  4. Overloaded IT departments: because of the technical nature of the conversations required to automate data flows from your customers, your IT department frequently has to get involved and become the bottleneck in successful onboarding.

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Solutions-Order To Cash-Content 3

Fast-forward Revenues With Seamless Customer Data Onboarding

How can you get data from multiple customers, in multiple formats, using multiple fields, coming to you via multiple transfer methods, transformed and converted and integrated into your backend ERP system seamlessly, where you can actually use it to generate revenue? 

Enter Adeptia. If you’d like to fast-forward your revenues by implementing painless, effortless, and seamless customer data onboarding, give us a call at +1 312-229-1727. Our dirt-simple self-service integration capabilities let your business and operations users onboard new customers in minutes, not months.

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Testimonial - Meadowbrook

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    By using the Adeptia solution, Meadowbrook was able to enhance customer satisfaction, improve cash flow, and reduce costs of repetitive manual human processes. For example, Meadowbrook reduced lag time in viewing the insurance claims loss information from 2+ months to 2 days.
    – Chris Spring, Senior V.P. Business Operations & CIO, Meadowbrook Insurance Group

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