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Make the most of your NetSuite investment by being able to
easily access critical business information across all your systems.

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Easily Integrate NetSuite With Your Existing Technology

Business users love the flexibility and ease of access that is provided by a hosted web-based ERP application such as However, the information in NetSuite is siloed in an offsite location, making it difficult to get the data into your back-end applications – which you need to do in order to automate business processes. In many cases, NetSuite may be just one of the many tasks involved in an overall process. Additionally, there is always concern about control and possession of the data to ensure security, access, and recoverability. 

But what if you could maximize the value of your NetSuite investment by being able to easily access critical business information across all your systems and leverage it as needed?

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Solutions - Netsuite - Content 2

Designed For The Way Organizations Work

Adeptia offers an easy-to-deploy and cost-effective solution for integrating your data with the NetSuite platform through the Adeptia Integration Accelerator for NetSuite. This improves your access to critical business information by giving you the ability to efficiently move data into and out of NetSuite.

Automate integration between NetSuite and existing applications 

With Adeptia, you can set up real-time or batch integration flows between NetSuite and back-end systems. These “deploy-and-forget” flows run automatically in the background to share information, requiring no manual intervention except to handle exceptions or errors. Because the integration flows can be bi-directional, data can move in both directions into and out of NetSuite.

Gain control while automating business process involving NetSuite

Easily automate complete business processes where interfacing with NetSuite is just one of the tasks involved in the overall process. You can even add human workflow tasks to the overall flow to correct errors and make exceptions and decisions.

Automatically replicate your NetSuite data

Adeptia enables you to automatically copy and save the information in your NetSuite database behind your firewall where it can be easily backed-up and recovered. This archived backup enhances security and lets you meet regulatory requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

Easily conduct one-time data migrations to and from NetSuite

New NetSuite customers typically need to migrate existing customer data into the system. Adeptia’s wide range of application and format support makes mapping and transforming data painless.

Solutions - Netsuite - Content 3

Solutions - Netsuite - Content 3

Data Movement Made Easy

Adeptia’s solution is ideal for companies seeking to integrate with

  • Code-free setup: With a graphical, point-and-click approach to creating and deploying integration flow, no custom coding is required.
  • Quick deployment: Adeptia Accelerator includes pre-built flows, templates, and connectors. 
  • Process-centric approach: The SOA-based structure allows full automation of business processes involving 
  • No hardware or appliances: Adeptia requires only a quick software download and install on any computer.
  • NetSuite expertise: Adeptia leverages the NetSuite API for this solution
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model: With an operational expense (opex) model, your initial investment and risk is minimal.
  • For self-service integration by business users, we offer the NetSuite integration connector in Adeptia Connect.

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Testimonial - Audiofy

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    We found Adeptia Business Process Management and Integration technology a best fit to optimize work flow processes within a single solution. Adeptia gave us greater flexibility to manage our sales, CRM records, and empowered us to better leverage NetSuite within the framework of our internal processes. Adeptia is remarkably easy to manage — outstanding value and service.
    – Daniel Wagaman, President, Audiofy

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