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Manufacturing BPM Success Through Integration

Adeptia facilitates seamless connectivity between OEMs, Tier 1 and other suppliers. It lets you easily integrate business processes and data across the supply chain, regardless of your existing technology.

By enabling collaboration, integration and process improvement, Adeptia helps manufacturers get the leading edge they need to stay profitable. And ultimately, it improves speed to market, product quality, employee health and safety while reducing the environmental impact and overall costs.

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Manufacturing Operation Software

Why choose Adeptia for manufacturing BPM (Business Process Management)?

  • Reduce IT expenditure by increasing lifespan of existing systems
  • Manage, automate and optimize supply chain processes
  • Make better decisions by putting relevant information into the hands of decision makers more quickly
  • Retain customers by better-utilizing customer data
  • Reduce manufacturing and operational costs through process automation and transparency
  • Adopt new technology more quickly, improving product quality – and profitability

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Manufacturing BPM (Business Process Management)

How Adeptia Helps

Easy to use.

Adeptia Integration Suite is simple to use and learn. With a graphical and wizard-driven interface, it puts the power of business process management into the right hands, fast.

Speed up time to market.

Adeptia significantly reduces the time it takes to design and automate a business process through its ease of use and nimble collaboration.

Fast to implement and easy to maintain.

Based on a services oriented architecture (SOA) approach, Adeptia increases reusability and significantly reduces the time it takes to design and automate data flows.

Cost effective.

With Adeptia, pay for only what you need and use with our attractive subscription pricing model.

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Testimonial - Telma

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    As an innovative Telco operator, our marketing department is brimming with ideas. Thanks to Adeptia, we are able to quickly develop integration layers between platforms instead of waiting for development from our suppliers.
    – Jerome Valentin, Chief Information Officer, TELMA

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