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EDI Integration Software to Unleash B2B Success

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an insanely complex relic of the 1970s — a dinosaur standard that persists today because of its pervasiveness in business. Companies use EDI software solutions to transform the way they do business with their trading partners through streamlined B2B communication and data exchange. Acting as a preferred means to exchange documents in the B2B transaction process, these solutions enable information to be integrated and shared rapidly, instead of the hours, days or weeks required with paper documents or other methods. Beyond speed and accuracy, EDI integration tools make the process efficient, which means less rework, fewer inventory shortfalls and fewer canceled projects. In addition to these operational benefits, they provide real-time visibility into B2B EDI transactions, which supports faster-decision-making and higher responsiveness to customers’ demands.

Despite these advantages, a lot of EDI integration software solutions involve a lot of custom coding which makes the process error-prone, fragile, resource-intensive and time-consuming. IT teams must stay on their toes to support and maintain a wide range of standards UN/EDIFACT, ANSI ASC X12, GS1 EDI, TRADACOMS, and HL7 and satiate the rollout of new partners and their requirements. Too much time and effort go into handling so many formats, which prolongs data exchanges and ultimately partner onboarding – resulting in inconsistent relationships and loss of revenue.

A new approach to EDI is needed to deal with such complexity. Businesses can rely on innovative EDI integrations solutions that add automation and self-service practices to simplify as well as expedite the handling of complex EDI messages with ease and speed.

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EDI Software Integration

How Adeptia’s Agile Electronic Data Interchange Approach Can Be a Game Changer?

Adeptia’s B2B integration capabilities were designed to be used by business users, not Java developers. Adeptia’s EDI integration software is unique because it enables the automation of not just system-to-system and partner-to-system data flows, but also the more common human-to-system business processes where actual people need to interact with running data flows to view information, correct errors, and resubmit data if needed. With 3% of EDI transmissions containing errors and requiring manual intervention, this becomes an expensive problem for businesses who do high volumes of B2B EDI transactions. Assuming each error costs $60 to correct, a $5B manufacturing company could be spending over $12 million per year just for exception processing of supply chain transactions. Handling EDI transmissions manually is also time-consuming and arduous. The delays and losses incurred prevent organizations from becoming easy to do business with. As a result, this puts a lot of pressure on the IT team to execute operations effectively.

Adeptia’s modern EDI integration software solution allows your team to easily automate mappings between data sources and targets like XML files, CSV files, SQL and other databases, and EDI systems. Through automated EDI mapping, businesses can simplify data translation which reduces the time and effort required to process EDI transactions. The mapped EDI data can further be transformed and integrated to extract actionable insights for analysis. In short, with Adeptia EDI integration tool, you can automate data flows that generate EDI messages from internal data or process incoming EDI messages and integrate them with your internal applications and databases, improving process control.

Apparently, by automating the EDI integration process, you can easily enhance B2B EDI communication, streamline data management, boost partner configuration and management, and cash flow. 

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EDI Integration Tools

Why Choose Adeptia For EDI Integration? 

  • We offer EDI-XML integration with full support for partner configuration and management.
  • We support and empower your non-EDI-“speaking” partners, to integrate data without IT support.
  • We drastically lower your total cost of ownership of a B2Bi solution vis-a-vis managed service providers and value-added networks.
  • We provide end-to-end automation of your B2B processes by directly integrating to your internal applications.
  • We provide robust support for data transfer options.
  • We use a business user-friendly approach that allows analysts to execute self-service integration without IT support.
  • We automate the most complicated workflows, even those exception- and error-handling processes that rely on human intervention. 

EDI Integration is only the tip of what we have the capability to handle. If you’d like to learn more about how we can streamline your EDI processes using our EDI data integration software, request a demo from our integration specialist. Not ready to begin yet? Check out our resources page for whitepapers, video tutorials, and documentation on our EDI programs, or Adeptia's blog for more info and insight into the world of EDI integration.

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