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Learn how Adeptia’s healthcare solutions provide seamless IT integration
and connectivity between multiple public entities, local agencies and central offices.

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Healthcare Integration Solution

Better connectivity means better communication, service and compliance.

Communicate more easily and effectively with other healthcare providers. Adeptia’s healthcare solutions provide seamless IT integration and connectivity between multiple public entities, local agencies and central offices.

Watch this video to learn how to set up trading partners and process EDI and non-EDI files for both inbound and outbound data transactions.

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Solutions - Healthcare - Content Block 1

Why Choose Adeptia For Healthcare?

  • Integrate and centralize core applications such as clinicals & patient accounting along with healthcare ancillaries such as lab, pharmacy & materials management.
  • Empower healthcare stakeholders with management insight for critical decision-making by creating new views of the data.
  • Free up IT and administrative staff to spend time on core concerns such as insuring swift receipt of revenues instead of spending time and effort on hold with payers and repeatedly keying in data on a payer’s website to check current claims status in the adjudication process.
  • Leverage your existing technology investments by pulling critical data and processes across the entire revenue cycle (e.g. scheduling, pre-registration, registration, care management, post-visit, patient management and collection management).
  • Fully support healthcare data standards including HIPAA, NCPDP and HL7.
  • Learn more about how Adeptia supports HIPAA Integration.
  • Learn more about HL7 Integration in Adeptia.

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General Adeptia Benefits

Take advantage of all of the benefits Adeptia provides its customers with seamless exchange of information, HIPAA compliance, centralizing core applications and much more.

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Extend EHR Systems

Make your EHR systems as efficient as possible with critical processes in billing, scheduling, internal notifications, documentation, managing patient correspondence and much more.

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Claims Onboarding Solution

Identify and correct claims errors before they are processed and utilize a human workflow process that allows business users to identify, correct, and resubmit claims data in minutes.

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Testimonial - Lonza

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    Adeptia is one of the few single platform complete integration vendors whose focus and offerings remain focused on integration.
    -Peter Mueller, Business Analytics Global Program Manager, LONZA PharmaBiotech

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