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Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation

B2B Processes at Risk

The smooth operation of business today depends on flawlessly-executed, end-to-end B2B processes. But B2B processes are often anything but that. Rules may not be documented or followed on a consistent basis. Manual interaction or intervention can halt or delay B2B process flow, making it costlier than ever. A multiplicity of process steps creates complexity and confusion. To gain a competitive advantage, you need robust business process automation solutions to deliver a tightly-run, well-organized operation where B2B processes happen the same way — every time, all the time, and end to end.

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation - Content 2

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation - Content 2

B2B Process Automation: Faster, Easier, Better

Adeptia can automate and streamline any end-to-end business process, addressing:

  • the process trigger
  • the authentication of the data source
  • the validation of the data
  • the business rules involved in the process flow, tasks, and related decisions
  • data integration for every application involved in the process, including backend ERP systems
  • exception handling
  • and more

And most importantly, Adeptia has made the work of designing and automating B2B process flows as simple, easy, and painless as using PowerPoint or Visio. Everything is graphical and wizard-driven: there is no need for any coding or to rely on IT. This significantly reduces the time it takes to design and automate a business process, leading to improved quality, enhanced operational efficiencies, and increased productivity. Additionally, business process becomes transparent i.e. they are easier to track and monitor, which can improve accountability and visibility. 

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation - Content 3

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation - Content 3

Dirt-Simple B2B Process Automation 

Ease of maintenance. Adeptia is based on a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach. This increases reusability and simplifies the process of making enhancements and changes to business rules.

Mapping of processes. Tasks can be mapped out with drag-and-drop ease, guiding a process from trigger to completion. 

Establishment of workflows. Reviews, approvals, exception handling and other human workflows can be seamlessly incorporated into the end-to-end B2B process. With automation throughout, every step can be tracked with utmost efficiency.

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation - Content 4

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation - Content 4

Data-Driven B2B Process Automation 

Assurance of authenticity. Adeptia provides authorization security to ensure that the data you are receiving is from a verifiable source. 

Validation of data. All data is reviewed upon receipt according to the rules established. Missing or incorrect data is noted and can be addressed in-house as an exception or returned to the business partner for correction.

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation - Content 5

Solutions - By Use Case - B2B Process Automation - Content 5

End-to-End B2B Process Automation 

Monitoring of progress. With a built-in Task Manager, business users to see which tasks are waiting for them, their priorities, and their due dates. Managers can monitor progress and reassign tasks if needed.

Measurements of success. Reports and dashboards allow creation, generation, and delivery of rich reports in various formats based on custom pre-defined templates.

Here are some of the business processes that can be automated with Adeptia’s B2B process integration solution.

  • Order to Cash integration between ERP, E-commerce, and Accounting platforms
  • Pricing and product information between customer portals and ERP
  • POs, shipping notices, and payment confirmations with partners
  • Patient on-boarding and provisioning of services by Healthcare providers
  • HR process such as new employee provisioning and employee management
  • Order tracking and management between manufacturer and customers
  • Customer on-boarding at public sector entities such as State, County or Municipality
  • Student on-boarding and provisioning of courses and syllabus by Universities and Colleges

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Testimonial - Grenzebach

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