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What if B2B Integration only took minutes, not months?

Traditional B2B integration (sometimes abbreviated as B2Bi) can take a long time — between 8 and 18 weeks. Ask yourself: how much revenue are you losing if it takes that long to onboard a customer? Then multiply it by all the customers you hope to onboard in order to make your revenue goals. Is that amount making you see red yet? If so, contact Adeptia — we’ll give you your 8 to 18 weeks back.

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Solutions-B2B Integration-Content2

Why B2B integration doesn’t have to be time-consuming…or painful

Whether you want to connect an internal application to your partner, or your partner to an internal application, or your cloud application to a partner’s cloud application, or any combination in between, Adeptia can make that process ridiculously easy. How?

We flipped the problem on its head. Historically, integration platforms are created for Java developers to use, and Java developers work in the IT department. IT performs all integration work, and therefore, IT has always been the bottleneck. Our platform was created to be set up and enabled once by IT, AND dirt-simple enough to be leveraged on an ongoing basis by the business user. No more waiting 8 to 18 weeks for B2B integrations. Don’t believe us? Ask us for a demo of Adeptia Connect…we’ll be more than happy to prove it to you.

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Key Features

Configure and manage B2B data exchange between businesses with Trading Partner Management, Standardized B2B Schemas, Managed File Transfer and B2B Message Tracking.

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Increase cash flow and improve your competitive advantage by fully automating the flow of business data between your back-end systems and all of your customers and partners.

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Problems Solved

Overcome the challenges of customer on-boarding and end-to-end automation caused by diverse & fluctuating trading networks and changing business requirements.

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Testimonial - Meadowbrook

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    By using the Adeptia solution, Meadowbrook was able to enhance customer satisfaction, improve cash flow, and reduce costs of repetitive manual human processes. For example, Meadowbrook reduced lag time in viewing the insurance claims loss information from 2+ months to 2 days.
    – Chris Spring, Senior V.P. Business Operations & CIO, Meadowbrook Insurance Group

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