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Doing business efficiently with customers is about
automating all of the processes involved.

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Reduce Operating Costs - Content Block 2

Reduce Operating Costs - Content Block 2

Save money by automating ALL aspects of the B2B integration process.

With the speed of business moving faster than ever, you need to find ways to keep up. Let us help you accelerate ahead of the curve by orchestrating the automation of every step in B2B operations, from handling errors and exceptions to directly integrating with your backend systems to human workflows.  

But it's not just about buying a better mousetrap. It's about enabling a whole new class of business users to leverage that technology and freeing up your technical IT resources to concentrate on what's strategically important. By allowing non-technical users to automate business processes, you'll save time and money and be more competitive. And who doesn't want that?

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Application Integration

Say hello to ease-of-use, and goodbye to complex code! Adeptia Integration Suite allows you to seamlessly automate both system-to-system data flows as well as human workflows.

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B2B Integration

Adeptia’s B2B Integration is an enterprise-class software product designed to automate data flows and connect internal applications with external partners using industry-specific standards.

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Data Integration

A comprehensive solution that combines powerful data conversion capability with easy to use software that supports ANY TO ANY conversion. This unique solution is web-based and wizard-driven.

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Testimonial - Tensoft

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    Powered by Adeptia, our On-Demand Integration solution truly achieves the ability to integrate from anywhere to anywhere, pulling data from a customer site or receiving incoming data. We link small and large data transfers across the globe into a unified solution. With Adeptia, integration across applications in the cloud — as a true off-the-shelf service — has been realized.
    – Bob Scarborough, CEO, Tensoft

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