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Trading Partner - Key Features and Benefits

What Are the Key Features and Benefits of Adeptia Trading Partner Management Approach?

  • Used by EDI and B2B specialists, this partner management integration software allows organizations accelerate trading partner onboarding from months to minutes. Users can easily build and manage hundreds or thousands of EDI trading partner relationships at scale. Without excessively relying on IT, they can leverage this trading management integration platform to configure, access, and transform inbound and outbound relationships for each trading partner to become easy to do business with.
  • Template-driven, set-up process makes trading partner onboarding faster by up to 80%, helping companies create a powerful partner ecosystem that drives digital transformation.
  • Centralized repository of trading partner profiles accessible via a web portal enables, easy management and maintenance. This trading partner integration solution offers a dashboard for a quick overview of when and which EDI trading partners have been set up, as well as which ones are being added.
  • EDI trading partner profiles include configuration of important information, such as defining partner identifiers, approved business processes, communication protocols, data formats, and security parameters, as well as rules for handling inbound and outbound relationships.
  • Empowers sending and receiving messages to all trading partners, even those who do not “speak EDI” through the ability to configure both EDI and non-EDI message types in trading partner relationships.
  • Monitoring and message tracking capabilities enables the viewing of all message transactions on a per-trading partner basis for historical and audit purposes. Additionally, it enables easy identification of errors and exceptions, elevating data integrity and authenticity.
  • Enables all business users connect and communicate with their trading partners. It helps them build and configure connections, deploy transactions with comprehensive security and authentication, and monitor all the B2B trading partner integrations via a unified dashboard.

Bid adieu to arduous and arduous B2B trading partner onboarding processes. Quickly empower every business user to create new-trading partner connections and streamline integration flows vital for revenue growth. 

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