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Secure Remote Data Exchange

Guarantee uncompromised security while exchanging remote data with customers and partners

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Exchanging Remote Data

What Challenges Do Companies Face While Exchanging Remote Data?

With a growing emphasis on enterprise-level digital transformation, organizations today are, by and large, critically dependent on secure  data exchange with a network of vendors, customers, and other business partners , no matter where or in what form it comes from. Enterprises are on a trajectory where business success depends upon ingesting huge data volumes in multiple formats coming in from multiple sources, many of which are remotely positioned.


This combined challenge of having disparate remote data collection points that need to transmit data in an automatic, unattended manner frequently and securely is no child’s play. Couple that with large data volumes in multiple data formats and you have an enterprise-level challenge that makes the data exchange process expensive, inconvenient, unreliable and inaccurate. So, without clear remote data collection and exchange strategy, enterprises’ data exchange processes are compromised. To tackle such problems, secure data transfer software is recommended.


While working with different customers, many of which are Fortune 500 companies, Adeptia recognized that the challenge of having remote data collection points is common across enterprises operating at this level of excellence. Further, managing secure file exchange via these remote points with minimum operational overhead, was a need echoed by most of our clients, and Adeptia answered the call with its SecureBridge capability.

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Remote Data Exchange

What Are the Business Use Cases?

The biggest Credit Union Association of North America, one of Adeptia’s forward-thinking customers, exchanges financial data (highly sensitive) with several smaller credit unions across the country daily. They collect data from several remote centers in different data formats, such as XML, CSV, and different file sizes, going up to a few hundred GBs, and transform it before depositing it in a data lake at their end. Being financial data, its sensitivity cannot be overstated.

Further, since the interaction between these remote data centers is frequent and automated, Adeptia’s client needed a robust secure data exchange platform that can allow secure file data exchange and file transfer with these remote centers without much operational overhead.

Similarly, another Adeptia client - a leading US Department of Health & Human Services backed medical research agency, exchanges sensitive medical data from different remote centers all over the country. The agency liaises with different medical centers, health clinics, and health insurance companies for patient records. These sensitive medical records and files are exchanged remotely in different formats and large sizes, and the need is to receive them securely, transform and process them, and deposit the data in the agency’s data warehouse.

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Challenge of Secure Remote Data Exchange

How Adeptia Handled the Challenge of Secure Remote Data Exchange?

For us, our client’s success was a priority, and we dissected this challenge into 3 parts to create our secure remote data exchange and sharing capability aka SecureBridge. The first part was to have a self-managed agent platform for governing each remote data collection points. The second part was to have a strong data collection and secure file sharing capability that could handle data in all formats and sizes, even multiple GBs. The third part was to conduct this transmission securely to the target location.

Our SecureBridge capability handles these 3 intertwined needs via individual components that completely hit this challenge out of the park.

Remote Agent Management: SecureBridge’s Agent Dashboard allows for remote agent management through an easy-to-use, dashboard-based functionality. Enterprises can remotely upgrade agent extraction logic and other software upgrades. Also, with its one-of-a-kind remote restart and notification feature, enterprises can remotely restart systems after configuration or system update followed by sending warnings or alerts in case of failures. This makes them safer and easier to do business with. The self-serve dashboard further minimizes operational overheads by being easy to use and preconfigured at install to speed up service delivery.

Automated Data Collection and Upload: With this essential component of our secure remote data exchange and sharing capability, enterprises can define their data upload schedule as per convenience and perform data extractions from data stores or pre-legacy systems quickly. Such automated remote data collection system can also handle large files without resorting to any hardware appliance and even handle multiple data formats, transforming them into a required format before depositing at the destination.

Secured Access: With PGP encryption, Adeptia’s SecureBridge takes care of the final straw of security while exchanging data. While collecting data from remote locations, enterprises can encounter with orphaned & improper accounts along with crypto-jacking malware and ransomware. Adeptia SecureBridge's PGP encryption can gather data encrypted prior to transmission without a hitch.

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 SecureBridge for Your Business

How to Leverage SecureBridge for Your Business?

With Adeptia’s secure file transfer capability, enterprises can realize multiple business benefits while integrating and exchanging remote data across B2B ecosystems.

Organizations can bolster their remote data center management system, to secure business data exchange and sharing, which ultimately helps them gain a competitive edge.

With faster turnaround, enterprises can delight their customers by onboarding them faster up to 80% and getting them ready to do business with this secure data exchange platform.

Adeptia’s secure data integration and exchange approach help you grab a bigger market share by accelerating service delivery, reducing operational overheads, onboarding faster, and accelerating time-to-revenue.

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