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Adeptia Connect - Partner to Partner - Business Use Case2

Business Use Case

Spoke to Spoke CommunicationWhile working with our clients on their hub and spoke data exchange challenges, we came across this challenge where our clients wanted to allow data exchange between spokes, i.e. their partners, in a controlled environment where they can centrally manage this interaction.

For instance, our client, one of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in the world, wanted its suppliers to be able to showcase their offerings to select customers for direct ordering from vendors while they played an overarching governance role. Suppliers could display product catalogs with pricing and inventory availability information to buyers, both functioning in the role of partners of our client, which is at the center of the interaction. Buyers could simply point and click to place an order, while the procurement system records this information centrally at our client’s end, and then shares it with their supplier partner for fulfillment of the order.

Another example is of one of our clients, which is one of the largest package delivery and supply chain management company in the world, wanting to make business easy for their partners in the critical pharmaceutical industry. Our client wanted to enable its partners in the pharmaceutical industry to choose their distributor from its network, configure transportation, storage, and distribution needs, and finally place their orders. Our client then took care of the stringent transportation and distribution requirements of pharma industry while utilizing their strong logistics network for delivering excellence. The partners could communicate between each other for viewing inventory, defining orders, and processing billing, while our client played the central role of meeting industry logistics requirements and moving the products in due time.

Adeptia Connect - Partner to Partner - Adeptia Helped Clients

Adeptia Connect - Partner to Partner - Adeptia Helped Clients

How Adeptia Helped Clients Increase Revenue with Partner to Partner Data Exchange

Adeptia understood our customers’ need of having partner to partner data connectivity that was centrally governed, was easy enough for even operational partner users, and helped our clients deliver better customer experience, in turn grabbing a bigger market share.

We also realized that this requirement would be on the minds of our current and future customers, as this helped Hubs become independent while staying in a controlled governance environment and delighting their customers.

The challenge was to not only have the data connectivity between spokes (partners), but also to have self service B2B data integration capability that enabled even non technical partner users to process the transactions by simply pointing and clicking.

In response to that, Adeptia laid out pre-defined templates, data protocols, source and target data layouts, and data schema mapping between source and target at both customer and partner networks. With these aspects figured out, non technical users on either network only needed to select the desired partner and process the transaction, while the Adeptia engine worked in the background. The Adeptia engine created connections, interpreted the data, transformed it into end format, and then deposited it at target.

While this data exchange went on, the engine let our client know of ongoing transactions between their partners, while their partners worked with a simplified data exchange process that only needed a few clicks.

Adeptia Connect - Partner to Partner - Benefits

Key Benefits

With our approach to Partner to Partner data exchange, our customers have been able to

  1. Use digital disruption as a competitive advantage to increase their revenue by going after new markets and opportunities and being easy to do business with.
  2. Deliver a better business data exchange with complex network of partners and customers that leads to a delightful customer experience
  3. Deliver self service B2B data exchange capability to operational users, thus accelerating time to revenue and making IT more productive in a governance role.

Testimonial - Playaway 2

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    We were thrilled that Adeptia’s solution allowed us to move our business to the next level.
    – Dana DeSantis, Marketing Communications Manager, Playaway

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