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Starting at $8000/month
Partner Data Exchange Manager for Hubs to engage business users to manage data connections
At $8,000/month, includes Partner Portal for Developers
At $10,000/month, adds access for Internal Operations Users
At $12,000/month, adds access for External Partner Users
Includes 100 Partners
Gold-Level Technical Support
Starting at $3000/month*
Add real-time, transactional integration with Web Services & APIs in this ESB solution
20 Parallel Flows or 4 CPU Cores
5 or More Trading Partners
Deploy In Cloud or On Premises
Enable SOA and APIs
Gold-Level Technical Support
Starting at $2000/month*
Rich application integration solution with ETL + B2B connectivity to automate end-to-end flows
Up to 5 Parallel Flows execution
5 or More Trading Partners
Deploy In Cloud or On Premises
Automatic Tasks with Orchestration
Gold-Level Technical Support
Starting at $500/month*
Extensible B2B integration solution to connect with 5 or more Trading Partners using EDI, XML, Text etc.
Serial Processing
5 or More Trading Partners
Deploy In Cloud or On Premises
Rich Data Mapping
Silver-Level Technical Support

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*Free Version Available.

Same as Express Tier but limited to 2 trading partners.

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Testimonial - EPM Music

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    Adeptia has proved to be a robust and versatile solution that we continue to integrate with different aspects of our business. Pricing was an important aspect of this investment and Adeptia exceeded our expectations in both performance and value for money.
    – Sander van Loosbroek, CTO, EPM
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