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Adeptia’s solution enables enterprises to accelerate customer
data onboarding from months to a matter of minutes.

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Shorten Your Order-To-Cash Process By Onboarding Customer Data Faster. 

8 to 18 weeks is too long to wait for service delivery and revenue recognition to begin. Accelerate your Order-to-Cash by flipping the script: get rid of the IT bottleneck and enable business users to perform the day-to-day operations of B2B integration by using our intuitive, dirt-simple platform. 

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Velocity to Market - Content Block 2

Enable Business Users To Create Connections To Customers On Their Own

Business users go to IT when they want to integrate your company’s application data with that of a customer, partner, or supplier. But lengthy IT backlogs and overloaded staff mean business users wait months for their integration needs to be fulfilled. The truth is, business can't wait.

They need to take control of customer data onboarding and revenue acceleration. With Adeptia, they can. In our approach, IT sets up pre-configured shared connections once, then business users leverage them to create ongoing connections to customers. It's a win-win. 

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Application Integration

Say hello to ease-of-use, and goodbye to complex code! Adeptia Integration Suite allows you to seamlessly automate both system-to-system data flows as well as human workflows.

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B2B Integration

Adeptia’s B2B Integration is an enterprise-class software product designed to automate data flows and connect internal applications with external partners using industry-specific standards.

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Data Integration

A comprehensive solution that combines powerful data conversion capability with easy to use software that supports ANY TO ANY conversion. This unique solution is web-based and wizard-driven.

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    Utilizing Adeptia’s technology, the Tensoft On Demand Integration delivers seamless data flow, making it easy to move data between Tensoft and internal financial, CRM, along with Partners and Customers relevant business systems. As technology partners, Tensoft and Adeptia are both committed to making integration a smooth and efficient process for the business user.
    – William White, CTO, Tensoft

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