Data Integration Use Cases

Video tutorials of some common data integration  
scenarios handled by Adeptia


Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Data Engineering

How to quickly configure a source to target for optimized analytics?

Learn how to enable your business users to employ data integration template to quickly configure a source to data warehouse target for analytics. In this video, you’ll also learn how Adeptia Connect empowers IT user to leverage process designer to create pipeline and activate or publish it as a new template for business users.

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Cloud Integration & Migration

How to migrate and modernize data and analytics workloads to the public cloud?

Adeptia Connect addresses the need for migrating data and analytics workloads to the public cloud, usually involving an architecture that spans across on-premise and one or more cloud ecosystems.

Explore the cloud integration and migration use case via a video demo. In this video, you’ll learn how to establish data sync between three apps – one on-premises, one in cloud (HubSpot, NetSuite etc.) and one in cloud DB. 

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Operational Data Integration

How to support operational/transactional data integration use cases?

Adeptia Connect supports multiple operational/transactional data integration use-cases such as master data management, inter-enterprise data acquisition and sharing, and data hubs. 

In this sample video, inter-enterprise data sharing use case is explained. Sample benefits/401k data is received from multiple customer sources, which is first validated and cleaned to maintain data consistency, and is then aggregated into the system of record of master data while sending acknowledgement and updates back to customers.

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Data Fabric

How to build a data fabric?

A data fabric architecture enables faster access to trusted data across distributed landscapes by utilizing active metadata, semantics, and ML capabilities.

Learn more about this forward-looking use case by taking a real-world example of a financial technology company. In this video, AIMap is used to publish process flows as REST WS that is called from another process flow or from external WS, and expose APIs to clients to request data from critical business workflows.

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Snowflake

Data Integration with Snowflake

Learn how to empower your business users to integrate customer data in Snowflake using Adeptia Connect. 

Go through this 3-step video to:

  • Enable integration with snowflake using a template
  • Verify results by going to the dashboard and running a query in Snowflake
  • Connect to Snowflake using a process flow

Adeptia Connect - Video Block - Amazon S3

Data Integration with Amazon S3

Adeptia Connect empowers business users (even the non-technical ones) to integrate with Amazon S3 for automating data exchange with any application. 

Watch this video to:

  • Integrate with Amazon S3 using a template

  • Verify results by going to the dashboard

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