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Intermediate - AIS Download

Intermediate - AIS Download

Adeptia Integration Suite

A rapid integration platform for IT staff to handle diverse connectivity needs ranging from data integration to application integration, from APIs to B2B connections. Adeptia Integration Suite specializes in creating the system-to-system and human-to-system workflows that are vital for quick integrations and automating processes. 

  • Configure integrations and workflows to enrich Adeptia‚Äôs cloud-based self-service capability
  • Centrally manage all data flows and information exchanges in and out of the organization
  • Configure web-based forms and route tasks to business users
  • Expose business processes as services
  • Connect, receive, and present data to business users

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Intermediate - Adeptia Cloud Access

Intermediate - Adeptia Cloud Access

Adeptia Connect

A quick and simple way for businesses to exchange data with customers, partners, and suppliers using a social network approach. So ridiculously intuitive, business users can perform self-service data mapping and transformation. 

  • Onboard customer and partner data in minutes
  • Create any-to-any connections between 25+ cloud applications (NetSuite, SalesForce, Box, Dropbox, Quickbooks, Marketo, and many more)

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